Exceptional Italian wine – vegan, organic, and biodynamic wine. Sourced from vineyards in the heart of Italy.

We think it’s comes the moment to clarify – from the silliest to the most important – the unbeatable POINT of STRENGHT of a Bag in Box Wine

  • no corkscrew needed (means no cork oak trees exploitation)
  • pour your daily glass of wine and enjoy it without the annoying side of handling a bottle
  • relax and enjoy your BBQ and don’t get panicked with an unexpected guest, you’ll never run out of wine so easily
  • easy to carry and store
  • it could fall from 3mt and not get broken
  • if you’d like to cool down your wine you could easily insert into the box your dry ice plastic bag
  • 3 litres means 4 bottles: always divide into 4 the Box’s cost and you’ll see and judge the right VALUE/PRICE proportion
  • the smallest ever carbon footprint on earth: an empty 3L Bag in Box is around 220g – 4 empty glass bottles are around 2.200kg: if you’re a real Earth Lovers and Defender don’t you feel somehow guilty to buy one more glass bottle?
  • the bagged wine are NO sulphites added due to the UNDER VAACUM process and if not stored near a heat sources last perfectly enjoyable for weeks or even more

Could anybody need more reasons to choose a Bag in Box Wine?

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